Your Discount Benefits®
Vision Only Plan
$5.95 / month for your entire household!
The Your Discount Benefits® Vision discount medical plan gives you and your entire household immediate savings on Vision.
* Plus a one-time $4.95 registration fee

Coast To Coast Vision™

Coast to Coast Vision™

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Your eyes are the windows to your health. Now you and your family can see better savings at over 20,000 vision providers nationwide, including national chains and local retailers. You save 10% to 60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, exams and even designer eyewear.

  • 20% to 60% off prescription eyewear including most frames, lenses and specialty items such as tints, coatings and UV protection
  • 10% to 30% off eye exams
  • Participating chains include LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Visionworks, JCPenney, Sears, Target and more
  • Your eye doctor not in our network? The nomination process is a breeze!
  • 10% to 40% off contact lenses through America’s Eyewear mail order service
  • You receive exclusive access to the lowest contact lens prices through America’s Eyewear mail order service
  • 15% to 50% eyeglasses and sunglasses through
  • 40% to 50% off the national average cost of LASIK surgery.



Example 1 - New York, NY

Regular Exam (Ophthalmologist)


CTC Member pays:




Conventional Lasik:


CTC Member Pays:





Example 2 - Dallas, TX

Regular Exam (Ophthalmologist)


CTC Member pays:




Frames (Regular)


CTC Member Pays:




Progressive / Polycarbonate


CTC Member pays:





Example 3 - Tampa, FL

Extended Exam (Ophthalmologist)


CTC Member pays:




Frames (Designer)


CTC Member Pays:




Single Vision Lens (Plastic)


CTC Member pays:






"Among people age 40 and older, more than 3.6 million are visually impaired, defined as 20/40 or worse in the best-seeing eye even when vision is corrected by eyeglasses or contact lenses."
- Vision Problems in the U.S. report, by the National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America, 2008

"More than 150 million Americans use corrective eyewear to compensate for their refractive error. Americans spend more than $15 billion each year on eyewear."
- Vision Problems in the U.S. report, by the National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America, 2008

"In 2009, commissioned a report from a leading industry analyst who found that wavefront LASIK combined with IntraLase and similar technologies costs an average of $2,314, compared with $1,748 for conventional LASIK."
- 2009

"Most contact lens wearers (84 percent) return to their eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam every year, whereas most patients who don’t wear contact lenses (61 percent) have complete eye exams every two years."
– Contact Lenses 2009. Contact Lens Spectrum. January 2010

"Among adults with vision problems, 62.3% reported having seen an eye care professional in the previous 12 months."
- Zhang X, Lee PP, Thompson TJ, et al. Health insurance coverage and use of eye care services. Arch Ophthalmol 2008;126(8):1121–1126.

"In 2004-2006, 17 percent of young adults aged 18-29 years reported needing but not receiving one or more of the following services in the past year because they could not afford them: medical care, prescription medicines, mental health care, or eyeglasses."
- CDC/National Center for Health Statistics, June 11, 2009


Your membership is effective upon receipt of membership materials.

This is NOT insurance nor is it intended to replace insurance. This discount card program contains a 30 day cancellation period. The plan is not insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum creditable coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act or Massachusetts M.G.L. c. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. This plan provides discounts at certain healthcare providers for medical services. This plan does not make payments directly to the providers of medical services. The plan member is obligated to pay for all healthcare services but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with the discount plan organization. For a full list of disclosures, please click here. | Limitations, Exclusions and Exceptions | Discount Medical Plan Organization: New Benefits, Ltd., Attn: Compliance Department, PO Box 803475, Dallas, TX 75380-3475.


Not Available in KS, UT, VT or WA